Clothes for modelling

We like variety, and ask the girls to bring a range of gear, for example:


    •  Bikinis and swimsuits - sexy and glamorous - (several, inc black and white)

    •  Dresses long or short but sexy and glamorous - (several, inc black)

    •  Shorts (tight denim)

    •  T shirts (varied colours)

    •  Lingerie including basques (several, inc black and white)

    •  PVC, leather, fetish

    •  Stockings and suspenders

    •  Sexy boots and shoes

    •  See through is good

    •  Sarongs, wraps, and things

    •  Clothes that might look good in the water and when wet

    •  Sports gear - we sometimes have use of a tennis court – so tennis outfit may be good

    •  Any of the usual outfits - maid, nurse, schoolgirl etc

    •  Generally anything to model where you look and feel great

Co-ordinated outfits where girls wear very similar or complimentary outfits, styles and colours can look great, black and white is the easiest for these occasions.

If any of the girls know one another before the trip, and can talk beforehand to discuss wardrobes, we encourage it, go on surprise us with a great wardrobe choice!

By the pool
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