Private shoots / one-to-one's

There are plenty of opportunities for one-to-one shoots during the week, although not everybody will do one as most people like to spend at least a little time chilling out between the group shoots. Of course photographers don’t have to do one-to-one’s, but nor do the models if they don’t want to. Private shoots can be one-to-one, or 1 photographer to 2 models, or 2 photographers to 1 model, or any conceivable combination that people are happy to try.

The photographers and models are welcome to negotiate their rates between themselves, but I would not expect models to charge the full rate that they would charge in the UK. Of course, if models seek to charge too high a rate, they might just price themselves out of a shoot. If you can’t sort it out between you I'm happy to arbitrate.

There is no minimum duration - if model and photographer are both happy to do even only half an hour that is fine, and rates would be pro rata.  If anyone wants to do video, and the model is willing, I would expect this to be at a higher cost than stills, but again common sense should prevail as to price. Also if using video one of our rules is that no other photographer wil be filmed unless they have given permission.


Model Releases

The photographers may wish to publish their photos or to use them on their own websites. Generally if the photos are to be sold for publishing in print or on the web I would expect the photographers to pay for the model release, either separately or as part of the hourly rate. This again is negotiable between model and photographer.

If images are to be used on the photographers own website and it is not a pay site/commercial site and they are not used for any financial gain, just advertising the quality of the photographers work then there is no requirement for a model release.

In some circumstances a photographer may ask for a specific form to be signed stating the models modelling name to be used and the images levels. This is to cover both model and photographer incase in the future the model asks for images to be removed or her name changed as she would then be liable to cover any webmaster costs in making the said changes to the photographers website.

The images are the photographers copyright. If any models would like copies of images from any photographer from either a group or private shoot, please discuss with the guys.

Working with a photographer outside of the club

Finally as the club members are paying for you to come to the Algarve we do not allow you to work for other photographers who we don't know or are not part of the holiday. We may have one or two Algarve based photographers join in a group session or two and they may be interested in making a one-to-one booking, these photographers are friends and part of our group as they support us most years.

However photographers outside of this are not catered for under any circumstances. Should anything happen to you while in their company, the club members who have paid their fees to enable you to come to be in the Algarve would be severley restricted and out of pocket. The F8 Club could not then justify flying a replacement model to the Algarve if anything was to happen to stop you working for the club members.

We don't want to stop you earning, but we have to consider the club members who have paid for you to work for them, as the main priority.

The Algarve Beach


The Algarve woods and beaches are lovely to photograph beautiful models in the sun.

Algarve on location


Plenty of fantastic location opportunities for 1-1 photography

The Algarve Sea


Summer sun at the beach in the Algarve

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